Arizona's Approach

Continuous improvement coaching
Problem solving
Scorecards and business reviews
Strategic plan deployment
Results that serve Arizonans
The results of continuous improvement speak for themselves.

The Arizona good government approach provides the methods and tools to drive and track continuous improvement in every state agency.

Changing the Culture

Building a better state government from the ground up

Achieving Statewide Success

The impacts of continuous improvement across the state

Inmates sitting in an Arizona Department of Corrections meeting
Substance abuse recovery for inmates

In Arizona prisons, the Recovery Support Specialist Program offers both substance abuse and recovery resources as well as job training for inmates through the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Recovery.


Efficiency thanks to remote workforce
Arizona’s transition to telework

The Industrial Commission relied on continuous improvement to make the transition to telework during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure excellent service to customers while reducing the community’s risk of exposure to COVID-19.


Developing and connecting state leaders
Developing and connecting state leaders

The State of Arizona Leaders Connect Program launched its first cohort in July 2022 to foster a pipeline of qualified leaders who are positioned to transition to executive leadership and connect across silos to better serve Arizonans.


Reducing wait time for residential facility licensing by more than half_thumbnail
Halfing wait time for residential facility licensing

In July 2017, the average time at the Arizona Department of Health Services for processing applications for residential facility licenses was 50 calendar days. Delays impact citizens’ access to licensed child care centers, assisted living, group homes and more.


Mitigating opioid impact_thumbnail
Mitigating opioid impacts on workers' comp

Opioid use long-term or in high doses can lead to addiction and can delay a return to work. That’s why the Industrial Commission is working to reduce the impact of opioids in the Arizona workers' compensation system.


Elements of Arizona Continuous Improvement

An intentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state government

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Who We Are

About the Government Transformation Office

Deploying and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement

The Arizona Government Transformation Office was established in 2012 by an executive order to innovate and improve government processes, because the citizens of Arizona deserve to have the most efficient and effective government their tax dollars can provide.

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