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What results-driven government looks like in Arizona

An adult holding hands with two children
The rate of children in foster care in Arizona is the lowest it’s been in a decade, and critical services such as hold times for the child abuse hotline (1-888-SOS-CHILD) have also been improved thanks to the committment of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, partner agencies, foster parents and...
Scottsdale desert landscape, saguaros and rocks
Since 2015, more than 3,300 state agency rules have been improved or eliminated, reducing the red tape needed to do business, live or recreate in Arizona. Agency rules govern everything from the way that professionals get licensed to practice in Arizona to where people can go camping in state parks...
AZ vets brings statewide resources
In the U.S. military, servicemembers learn to be leaders and problem solvers. The discipline and work ethic it takes to embody a “service before self” attitude makes veterans an invaluable asset to the workforce. Yet unemployment continues to be a concern for veterans: The unemployment rate for...
Efficiency thanks to remote workforce
Though COVID-19 catalyzed remote work worldwide, the state of Arizona has offered remote work options since 1993, recognizing the benefits of positive environmental impact, increased employee satisfaction and significant savings for taxpayers. This program began with the mandated goal of improving...

Metrics and Performance

Current progress for key statewide initiatives

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Success Stories

Examples of agencies improving government services using the Arizona Management System

Mitigating opioid impact_thumbnail

Mitigating opioid impacts on the state workers' comp system

Problem Statement

Many stakeholders were unaware of the efforts to reduce the number of opioids in the Arizona workers...

Action Taken

The Industrial Commission of Arizona’s Medical Resource Office, which annually publishes the Workers...

Reducing wait time for residential facility licensing by more than half_thumbnail

Reducing wait time for residential facility licensing by more than half

Problem Statement

In July 2017, the average time at the Arizona Department of Health Services for processing initial...

Action Taken

Because processing time greatly impacts the customer experience, the Bureau of Residential...

Taxpayers save millions_thumbnail

More than $1.9M returned to General Fund

Problem Statement

Historically, the Arizona Department of Administration would hold public auctions of both abandoned...

Action Taken

By engaging in problem solving to understand customer needs and focusing on employee-identified...

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The Arizona Government Transformation Office was established in 2012 to innovate and improve government processes, because the citizens of Arizona deserve to have the most efficient and effective government their tax dollars can provide.

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