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February 16, 2024
February 16, 2024

What is people-centered government?

To build an Arizona for everyone, it’s necessary to put people at the center of everything we do. But what does a people-centered government look like in practice?

Recognizing why we’re here: Every agency’s mission reflects the ways that the state of Arizona is working to improve people’s lives. The goals and operations of government aren’t in shareholder profits, they’re in improving people’s lives.

Building up public servants: Building the capacity for good work starts with building up the people who make up state government. Providing training, development and advancement opportunities to the employees of Arizona is invaluable for our workforce and for the people we serve. 

Measuring what matters: Arizona has long been a leader in continuous improvement, but a people-centered approach measures the outcomes that make a significant difference in people’s health, economic opportunity and safety–not measuring improvement for improvement’s sake. 

Meeting people where they’re at: The state of Arizona is building processes and technologies that will make government services more accessible, recognizing that it’s not fair to expect Arizonans to navigate government bureaucracy the way it’s currently built. We will work relentlessly to adapt to the needs of the people of our state. 

Collectively, with focus, state government can materially improve people’s lives. Agencies will set their strategic plans, and their daily operations, in a direction towards measurable outcome goals that will ameliorate inequities and create economic opportunities. This approach means that, for the first time, public servants are harnessing the full collaborative power of the state’s resources, in coordination with external stakeholders, in a cohesive vision of how to build an Arizona for everyone. Putting people at the center of this work includes establishing meaningful outcomes and building a more transparent, effective and responsive state government.