Enhanced markers for our heroes' gravesites

Serving veterans seeking employment
Dept of Veterans' Services
Problem Statement

In-ground burial sites at the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery at Camp Navajo in Bellemont—just West of Flagstaff—were difficult to locate during the winter due to snow and ice. Because of this issue, visitors had an increased risk of injury and frustration looking around the cemetery for their loved ones' gravesites. If visitors were unfamiliar with the cemetery and staff were not present, there was an increased risk of customers not finding the gravesite they were looking for at all.

Action Taken

The team conducted four-box problem solving and decided to build additional markings that could endure snow and ice. The team used wood scraps and made and installed the signs at no cost to the cemetery.

Results & Impact

Customers and staff are now able to easily and quickly identify the gravesites of our heroes buried at the Arizona Veterans' Memorial Cemetery at Camp Navajo.


Thanks to this effort, it is much easier and safer to honor and remember loved ones buried at Camp Navajo.