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Innovations clarify which state waterways are protected under the Clean Water Act

The flow and regulation of water in the arid Southwest is unique. The complexities of whether the state of Arizona or the federal government has jurisdiction over waterways—both continually flowing and not—impact recreation, agriculture, industrial use and drinking water all over Arizona.

So when 1,400 water bodies needed to be reevaluated in...

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Task Force

What the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means for Arizona

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law in November 2021 and is the largest investment in infrastructure in generations. Through the IIJA, Arizona is receiving $30 million in guaranteed funding for broadband and oil and gas, but hundreds of billions more...

What is the Arizona Management System

What is the Arizona Management System?

The more than 34,000 public servants who make up the state government share a passion for making Arizona the best place it can be to live, work and raise a family. The people who make the state run every day—from park rangers in Patagonia Lake to Motor Vehicle Division customer service representatives in Tuba City to biologists testing groundwater...

AZ vets brings statewide resources

Bringing hiring resources to military veterans

In the U.S. military, servicemembers learn to be leaders and problem solvers. The discipline and work ethic it takes to embody a “service before self” attitude makes veterans an invaluable asset to the workforce. Yet unemployment continues to be a concern for veterans: The unemployment rate for veterans in Arizona is about 4%.

The AZ Hires Vets...