What we do

The Arizona Government Transformation Office partners with agencies to embed sustainable continuous improvement knowledge, skills and abilities through coaching and consultation. The team facilitates structured problem solving for the management of interagency projects and problem-solving events.

GTO is responsible for maintaining the data infrastructure for statewide dashboards and applications, including the permitting dashboard. We collect, promote and share agency success stories to celebrate wins and work on statewide initiatives.

  1. Continuous Improvement

    GTO works with cabinet agencies to support our culture of continuous improvement through coaching and implementation of the Arizona Management System.

  2. Problem Solving

    GTO consultants are experts at facilitation and coaching for problem solving for agency-specific and cross-agency initiatives, ranging from the Arizona Connected Workforce initiative to problem solving for staff huddle board metrics.

  3. Data Analytics

    GTO supports the data infrastructure for numerous executive-level dashboards and performance data systems ensuring enterprise visibility into key areas.

  4. Breakthrough Projects

    GTO consultants support agencies in the development and completion of Breakthrough improvement projects through problem-solving facilitation and A3 coaching.