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What the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means for Arizona

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a $1.2 trillion spending bill passed by Congress, was signed into law in November 2021. Through the IIJA, Arizona is receiving $30 million in guaranteed funding for broadband and oil and gas. Competitive grant opportunities are also available for additional projects that address energy efficiency, electric grid improvements, broadband expansion, workforce development and more.

This once-in-a-generation funding presents an opportunity for Arizona to work with communities in all corners of the state to continue ensuring resiliency in the state's economy. The IIJA Task Force was launched in April 2022 to enhance collaboration among experts, agencies, tribes and community members to strategically address high-priority infrastructure issues in Arizona. IIJA programs will be established over the next five years. 

You can track federal spending in Arizona through USAspending.gov

The Arizona Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Task Force

The Arizona Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Task Force is a group of agency decision makers and subject-matter experts who convene to maximize the opportunity for Arizona communities to receive discretionary grant funding for Arizona infrastructure projects.

The IIJA Task Force has been meeting since early 2022 and is focusing on identifying grant opportunities and supporting projects that address areas of priority for the state of Arizona, including:

  • Broadband
  • Infrastructure Workforce Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthy Forests
  • Energy 
  • Water

The Task Force is providing support, alleviating roadblocks and tracking progress and performance of grant applications through the lifetime of the IIJA funding opportunities, which run through 2026.


Get support for community projects

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Task Force and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Jobs Act Tribal Task Force are strategically aligning Arizona’s priorities and investments with competitive federal funding opportunities. Many of those projects will be led not by state agencies but by local and rural communities, tribes and organizations. 

The IIJA Task Force is not a gatekeeper of these opportunities — instead task force team members are available to help support local projects by

  • Writing letters of support
  • Helping search for grant opportunities
  • Demystifying grant criteria
  • Assisting with grant writing and data collection
  • And more


Who to contact

The IIJA Task Force is made up of the directors and subject-matter experts from every state agency that is eligible to receive increased resources from IIJA or serves populations who would benefit from the grant funding. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to the IIJA Task Force.

IIJA Task Force Members

The IIJA Task Force includes Cindi Ptak, IIJA program manager, and representatives from:

  • Office of the Arizona Governor
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Water Infrastructure Finance Authority
  • Department of Economic Security
  • Department of Forestry and Fire Management
  • Department of Administration
  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Governor's Office of Homeland Security
  • Governor's Office of Housing
  • The Governor’s Office of Tribal Relations
  • The Arizona Department of Administration
  • The Government Transformation Office


Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Jobs Act Tribal Task Force

In addition to the IIJA Task Force, the Governor’s Office on Tribal Relations has formed a task force to focus on infrastructure programs to stimulate economic growth within American Indian populations and on tribal lands in Arizona. Representatives from Arizona Tribal Nations and Communities are invited to engage in virtual town halls, office hours and more to participate in integrated proposals for transportation, broadband access and more. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Jobs Act Task Force is led by the Governor’s Office on Tribal Relations and is dedicated to working with representatives serving Arizona Tribal Nations and Communities. Interested in getting involved? Learn how to establish a BILJA Tribal Coordination Team and sign up for updates.